Point of View

Your kids are crying. They’ve been mom-ing you all day. Dishes are piling up. No toys have been put away. You’ve been home all day dealing with life and it’s just so overwhelming. Or is it?  Your kids are crying, which means they can show emotion. They’re calling for you because they know you can help them. Dishes just means your family has ate well. Toys on the ground means your kid has toys to play with. You’ve been home all day, which means you have a roof over your head.  I need to adopt this mentality.

I also need to stop reflecting so much. I have this idea of what my life should be like, and I look at it how it is, and it’s so vastly different that it gets me anxious, depressed, overwhelmed. Especially around the Holidays.

I need to find a balance of pushing to have the things I want and need, and accepting things the way they are.

Everyone goes through a period of life that isn’t the best. The road to success has many detours. And even if you have the most amazing life, something uncontrollable can happen to change everything in an instant.  It’s a struggle, to get from where you are to where you wanna be. You’ll have days where it’s good, and days where it’s bad, but the best thing to do is to enjoy it in the inbetween.



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