How do you say goodbye Before you say hello? How do you mourn the death of someone That you will never know? I will miss you beyond measure Though you didn’t have a name I’ve only had a few weeks with you I loved you just the same They say you were unfinished You were […]

Point of View

Your kids are crying. They’ve been mom-ing you all day. Dishes are piling up. No toys have been put away. You’ve been home all day dealing with life and it’s just so overwhelming. Or is it?  Your kids are crying, which means they can show emotion. They’re calling for you because they know you can […]

Me at Four A.M.

I hate Hollywood movies and Opera Winfery worthy books about Mental Health because they don’t explain what mental health really is. My dear friend once said, “The media portrays it as creative, sexy and interesting (a little bit quirky) I think I’m proof that the reality of it is a terrifying nightmare. The really shitty […]